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Vegetable Garden Planning – Family Plot Howto & Style Vegetable Gardening 

Vegetable Garden Planning – Family Plot

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UT Haywood County Extension Director Walter Battle talks about the benefits of planning a garden before you plant. You need to have an area that will have sunlight for at least six hours a day. More is better. You also should try to pick a site with a southern facing slope that will warm up faster in the spring. Pick a site close to the home to make it easier to go out and garden. Having a plan will help you to know what you can grow. Shade or having a fence or lattice by the garden will help you decide what to grow where. Crop rotation is important because it reduces disease and insect pests in your garden. You should also position your plants in the garden so that tall plants won’t shade out shorter plants. Some plants like cantaloupes like to be left undisturbed. They should be planted in low traffic areas.

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