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Things To Know Before Starting A Garden//Just Basics!

Source: Youtube This video is about Things to know before starting a Vegetable Garden.You don’t have to know a lot to start a small kitchen garden Check out the video for 6 important details before starting a garden. Stay tuned for other videos and If you have any questions or suggestions,you can write to me at: If you like the video, Subscribe to my channel at Follow me on Instagram at : And like the Facebook page for instant updates . For link on a playlist of Fertilizing Vegetable…

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How to Install Drip Irrigation – Part 2 Vegetable Garden

Source: Youtube How to Install Drip Irrigation – Part 2 Vegetable Garden – In this video I install Drip Irrigation into my vegetable garden. It is a fast and easy installation that will put the water directly where it is needed with no waste. The next video will expand on this installation. Good Starter Kit – Timer – Multizone Timer – End Plug – 1/4 Drip Pipe – 1/4 Blank Pipe – Sod Staples – Faucet Adapter Filter and Pressure Regulator – Drip Barb Assortment – 1/2 Gallon Dripper –…

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Old DISHWASHER as PLANTER How to Make Raised Garden Bed for Vegetable Plants

Source: Youtube Recycle a Dishwasher as a Raised Bed Vegetable planter to Grow Food in a yard or patio garden. Raised bed container perfect to grow in. Salvaging recycle and Reusing Useful Parts and tub from Dishwashers.

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