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Source: Youtube starting vegetable garden directly at home is not easy but to avoid chemical full food we have to get our hands dirty. OUR CHILD DESERVES BETTER. I started my garden and grown Fenugreek ( Methi ), Coriander (not so sucessful), cabbage, mint and 12 types of flowers along with tomato which is growing well. Started composting , made some mistakes but important part is able to correct and learnt a lot. when you grow seeds and see seedlings the feeling is so refreshing and satisfying. Still lot of…

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Organic Vegetable Gardening – Growing 6 Types of Tomatoes – Home Grown Vegetables

Source: Youtube Our Organic Vegetable Garden We started growing organic vegetables and the reward are amazing. During summer and late autumn, there is always a full supply of vegetable right next to our kitchen going straight into the pot and onto the table for lunch or dinner. The satisfaction is simply great and we would recommend anyone to simply utilize any land available around your house or even use pots to grow vegetable and you can reap the rewards months later. This year we went all out to grow 6…

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