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Vegetable Garden in Our Backyard With Compost and Greene’s Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kit

Source: Youtube In this video, I show you how I started a vegetable garden in our backyard. I used Greene’s Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kit. This was a cedar board kit that had dovetail joins already cut in, so it was easy to assemble with minimal tools. It took me under an hour to assemble. The bed was 4 feet wide by 8 feet long and 14 inches tall. I first filled it in with some compost from my compost pile. I then bought six plastic bags from Home Depot…

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Creating A New Vegetable Garden

Source: Youtube Vegetable gardening for beginners – Making a new vegetable garden for one of our viewers who asked for some help creating a new vegetable bed so we showed him how to start a vegetable garden. He’s totally new to growing vegetables so i built a new raised bed for a beginner gardening and was inspired by our videos. It’s really important for everyone to have contact with growing food so they are no longer disconnected with the food growing process. Starting a new vegetable garden need not be…

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