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Growing Muscadine Grapes (Scuppernong type) from seeds- Volunteer Triumph grape seedlings

Source: Youtube These baby grapes are volunteer seedlings from my Triumph muscadine grape vine. The mother plant is about 5 years old, and the seedlings are one or two years old. The seeds have fallen down right near the main plant, and have grown a little bit even in a mostly shaded area. I’m transplanting them to an area with more sun and space where they can grow quicker and I hope to be able to taste the grapes in a few years! Have you grown any grapes from seed,…

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Beet Harvest From Our Raised Bed Garden | Harvesting Beets

Source: Youtube Today’s beet harvest from our raised bed garden. Harvesting beets from our raised beds puts us one step closer to canning pickled beets tomorrow for pickled beets and eggs. Recipe to be included in our follow up video. We grow our beets in garden soil amended with bone meal which is a good source of phosphorus for root crops. We use no additional fertilizer on those beds, and the main soil amendment or component is peat moss. All parts of a beet are edible, including the greens. Ours…

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