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Al’s Vegetables – Tomato Contest

Source: Youtube We stop by Al’s to check out what we vegetables we can plant in the garden right now. We also get some great tomato tips and learn about a tomato contest for kids.

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Korea boosting interest in home gardening by providing ginseng seedlings

Source: Youtube 새싹인삼 약초, 베란다 텃밭 채소로 보급하기로 The number of Koreans growing their own food at home has been on the rise in recent years. With a few seeds, some pots and a little T-L-C, anyone can do it,… it tastes great and more importantly it’s really healthy. With that in mind,…. the government is aiming to encourage more people in Korea to get into the home-gardening hobby by giving them a starter pack of seeds. Cho Sung-min has more. Amid growing concerns of food safety and rising prices…

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Growing Grapes Fruit in Pakistan || My Grapes Garden || Nature Tv

Source: Youtube Nature Tv Growing Grapes Fruit in Pakistan || My Grapes Garden || Nature Tv #NatureTv Grapes are very easy to grow from cuttings. With proper care, a dormant cutting can be started in the spring and by fall will give a vine large enough to bear a cluster or two of fruit the next season. The important factors are proper care and preparation of the cuttings. Grapes can be grown from two types of cuttings, dormant or hardwood, and green cuttings. Dormant cuttings are the easiest to handle,…

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