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HOW TO Container Garden & Compost in Place-Step by Step-Self Contained Ecosystem Feeds Your Plants

Source: Youtube Easy Grow Vegetable Garden & Compost in Place-Self Contained Ecosystem Feeds Your Organic Plants. Grow lots of vegetables in a Container Garden as you Compost in Place with all the plants. Perfect for any garden large or small, so easy to set up, dump kitchen scraps and grow lots of food.

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Building A Raised Asparagus Bed | Gardening Project | How To DIY

Source: Youtube Building a raised asparagus bed is our gardening project for today. How to build raised beds as a DIY homestead garden expansion. We will will also discuss planting and growing instructions for Asparagus including how to plant asparagus crowns / seeds and how to grow it in your backyard Eden / vegetable garden using our secret super soil mix. This is a crop you can harvest for 15 years or more. Music provided by Audionautix Song: Turn Up The Watts (TurnUpTheWatts) #RaisedBedGardening #RaisedBedGarden #Asparagus #Gardening #Homestead #HowTo #DIY

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