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How To Start A Vegetable Garden | Central Florida Gardening 101 for Self Sufficiency

Source: Youtube I teach a lot of classes in person but the recent events have prevented group gatherings so I have started teaching via online webinars. A lot of folks have the time and interest to gain a little self sufficiency in regards to their food supply right now so this is a quick start approach on how to start a Florida vegetable garden. This is a recording of a webinar that I recently taught covering the 4 “S’s” : Sun, Soil, Seed, & Seasons to get you started growing…

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What is Aquaponics & How Does it Work ?

Source: Youtube What is Aquaponics & How Does it Work ? G’Day Folks. Aquaponics is a fantastic way to combine aquaculture with hydroponic veggie production in your own backyard, basement or balcony. This video runs through the nitty-gritty of what aquaponics is & also runs through how a basic aquaponic system works. I’ve also included my take on the Pro’s & Con’s of growing with aquaponics for those wanting a bit more information before jumping in fin first. The two clips below run through step by step how you can…

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