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Backyard Vegetable Gardening

Source: Youtube Christine Dye has been an avid backyard food grower for many years and shares how to grow regeneratively and intensively in a small backyard space. Companion planting, watering, soil building, and season extension topics covered.

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Winter Gardening | Year Round Vegetable Gardener Book Review

Source: Youtube Winter Gardening | Year Round Vegetable Gardener Book Review. Nikki Jabbour wrote a fantastic book that has become a useful reference in my library. You can find her book here: Check out our post that has some winter gardening tips and a further review of Nikki’s book: Nikki Jabbour is definitely an expert in winter gardening. She hails from Nova Scotia, Canada which if you are under a rock, has some brutal winter weather. Winter gardening is really about going with the flow of mother nature. You will…

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