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Vegetable Garden in Our Backyard With Compost and Greene’s Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kit

Source: Youtube In this video, I show you how I started a vegetable garden in our backyard. I used Greene’s Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kit. This was a cedar board kit that had dovetail joins already cut in, so it was easy to assemble with minimal tools. It took me under an hour to assemble. The bed was 4 feet wide by 8 feet long and 14 inches tall. I first filled it in with some compost from my compost pile. I then bought six plastic bags from Home Depot…

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Raised Bed Garden | Spring Vegetable Gardening

Source: Youtube Raised Bed Garden | Spring Vegetable Gardening – Let’s tour the raised bed garden and get a gardening update on how the vegetables we’ve been growing are doing in the raised bed garden super soil mix here at Bumblebee Junction !!! #RaisedBedGarden #RaisedBedGardening #Gardening #SuperSoil

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Vegetable Garden In My Backyard| NY USA | 2019

Source: Youtube Hello guys In this video I’m sharing our vegetable garden. Gardening gives me joy and peace and feel like sharing my passion with you all. This is my second year gardening and learning along the way. I’m so thankful to my husband for building raised beds for me. Hope this video motivates some of you to start your gardening journey.

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Vegetable Gardening For Beginners : Planting & Design Ideas (Week 1)

Source: Youtube Cleaning out my raised garden, setting up my patio container garden, and putting down new plantings. My pick for this year are Sungold Tomatoes, Tangerine Tomatoes, Bush Goliath Tomatoes, Black Plum Tomatoes, Royal Black Hot Peppers, Garden Salsa Hot Peppers, Tabasco Hot Peppers, Sweet Bell Peppers, Giant Aconcagua Peppers, & Shishito Mellow Star Peppers Music by Bensound

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