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Making a DIY Planter Box | Raised Garden Bed

Source: Youtube We show you how we made a DIY planter box for our Spring time vegetable gardening extravaganza. Our balcony gets great sunlight, so we wanted a simple raised garden bed where we can plant our vegetables. Using regular pine wood boards, we make an easy box frame that stands about 33″ tall, to give use the perfect height for planting our vegetable garden. This was an easy do it yourself project and you can use the process we took to make your own flower box. Affiliate links for…

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Education Vegetable Gardening 

How To Grow Vegetable with Small Land At Home

Source: Youtube How to Grow Vegetable with Small Land At Home Today I want to show you about the video how to grow vegetable with small land at home for learning. Fresh veggies and fruit from non-organic gardens may have trace amounts of chemicals such as pesticides. All of these have the potential for making you and your family very sick, so cleaning harvested fruits and veggies is crucial prior to prepping a meal. how to grow vegetable, container gardening, vegetable garden idea, growing vegetables, raised garden, small garden ideas,…

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