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Source: Youtube starting vegetable garden directly at home is not easy but to avoid chemical full food we have to get our hands dirty. OUR CHILD DESERVES BETTER. I started my garden and grown Fenugreek ( Methi ), Coriander (not so sucessful), cabbage, mint and 12 types of flowers along with tomato which is growing well. Started composting , made some mistakes but important part is able to correct and learnt a lot. when you grow seeds and see seedlings the feeling is so refreshing and satisfying. Still lot of…

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How To Grow Grape From Cutting In India With Updates।। तड़प उठेंगे अंगूर की खेती करने के लिए।।

Source: Youtube How to grow grape vine from cutting. Growing Grape vine From Cutting is Too Much Easy. Here is step by step easy process to grow grape vine from cutting with proper updates- * Take some old Branches of grape vine ,having at least 2-3 Nodes. * Take Good quality of garden soil having proper drainage to plant grape cutting. * Use a Pot of 15-20 inches depth and width. * Simply plant these cuttings 2-3 inches deep in soil. * Apply Clay at open end of cuttings to…

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