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Balcony Gardening: Growing My Own Vegetables In My Apartment Patio! | Jolene Foliage

Source: Youtube I started growing vegetables in my small apartment patio a little while ago, and I have found joy and peace growing my edible container garden. As a city dweller, my craving for nature has always been tremendous. I’m constantly trying to reconcile and combine the two in a harmonious coexistence by bringing nature home to my sunny balcony. However, my balcony was never the sanctuary I wish it could have been. I decorated with rugs, with furniture, with trees, with grass but there was always something missing. Until…

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Fall Balcony Garden Update – How to Propagate, Storing Seeds & Replacing Plants

Source: Youtube Here’s the final instalment in 2019’s Balcony Garden Series! In this video I share how to propagate moss rose purslane, how to keep African marigold seeds, and what plants I’ve had to replace over the course of the summer. Hope you enjoy this final look at my small Toronto balcony, and hope it gives you some ideas of plants you can use on your small patio or terrace. Here’s to container gardening! #PLANTS #BALCONYGARDEN #GARDENING ABOUT THIS CHANNEL: Hi! My name is Aneela and I’m the host of…

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Razzmatazz Grape & JUJUBE Update: Future Plans

Source: Youtube The Razzmatazz is proving to be unreliable and perhaps too late to ripen here. Sad to see, but the glimmer of hope may be in other muscadines. I’ve been reading reports of the varieties called Truimph and Lane surviving -10F. That’s more than I need to have them thrive here and would be a great addition or alternative to European Grapes that get attacked by disease every year. The Jujubes are finally setting fruit and it’ll probably be another 1-2 months before we get ripe fruits. Very excited…

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