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Balcony Gardening: Growing My Own Vegetables In My Apartment Patio! | Jolene Foliage

Source: Youtube I started growing vegetables in my small apartment patio a little while ago, and I have found joy and peace growing my edible container garden. As a city dweller, my craving for nature has always been tremendous. I’m constantly trying to reconcile and combine the two in a harmonious coexistence by bringing nature home to my sunny balcony. However, my balcony was never the sanctuary I wish it could have been. I decorated with rugs, with furniture, with trees, with grass but there was always something missing. Until…

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Tomato Seedling Talk | See What I’m Growing

Source: Youtube See what tomatoes I have growing. 🌿Atomic Grape: 🌿Amish Paste: 🌿Pink Brandywine: 🌿Painted Lady: 🌿Blue Beauty: Find everything I use on my website My Website: Follow me on instagram: Intro song:

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