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OWL 0442 Who would have guessed it…Grapes growing here in downtown Eugene Oregon?!?!?

Source: Youtube Here are our fun, wild adventures sometimes out travelling or simply in our own backyard. For more videos like this please “LIKE”, “SHARE” and “SUBSCRIBE”. Thank you so much for watching!!!

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Vegetable Gardening For Beginners : Planting & Design Ideas (Week 1)

Source: Youtube Cleaning out my raised garden, setting up my patio container garden, and putting down new plantings. My pick for this year are Sungold Tomatoes, Tangerine Tomatoes, Bush Goliath Tomatoes, Black Plum Tomatoes, Royal Black Hot Peppers, Garden Salsa Hot Peppers, Tabasco Hot Peppers, Sweet Bell Peppers, Giant Aconcagua Peppers, & Shishito Mellow Star Peppers Music by Bensound

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