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Masaganang Gulay Madaming Paraan|Taraaa! Harvesting Time|Vegetable Gardening sa Likod ng Bahay

Source: Youtube #Vegetablegarden#angGulayniNanay Yan po ang nanay namin na c Gloria Cahucom sobrang sipag po niyan siya lang po lahat nag tanin niyan, sa likod lang po yan ng bahay nmain.fresh na fresh talaga sya.ating tularan para maka libre ng png ulam.

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You Need To Grow This AMAZINGLY ABUNDANT Edible Vegetable With Many Other Uses!!

Source: Youtube ((For A Limited Time!)) Buy Calabash (Opo) Seeds Harvested From The Plant Abundance Backyard Food Forest. 10 Seeds For $11.96 (Including Shipping). Click Here To Order: . Sorry to my international friends but currently I’m only able to ship to US mainland postal addresses located within the contingent United States. Thanks for your support. The Calabash Gourd aka Opo is One of our favorite edible vegetables to grow. It has a long history of use not only as a food crop but as a craft crop.

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