Film & Animation Vegetable Gardening 

July Vegetable Garden Update – Tahi – Backyard Garden – Christchurch – New Zealand

Source: Youtube Tahi = 1 in Te Reo Māori. Join me as I wander through my garden at the start of July πŸ™‚ I started this month with a walk through my whole garden, now I’m going to split it up into sections and ‘highlight’ one each week, have a watch to see what I’m growing in the first garden section – Tahi! Garden overview video –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– I am a full time Primary School Teacher and a fun-time gardener. Join me (and my Husband) as we learn our way through…

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Grape Growing Howto & Style 

Growing Jabuticaba (Brazilian Tree Grape) from Seed | 0 – 150 Days

Source: Youtube Today I’ll be showing you the process of growing Jabuticaba (Brazilian Tree Grape) from seed over a 5 month period. These cauliflorus trees grow a grape-like, purplish black fruit directly off the trunk of the tree which can be eaten raw or used in jams, juices or wine. These exotic and tropical trees are somewhat hardy, able to survive to about -6 degrees Celsius (21 Fahrenheit) and grow well in containers. This means it is possible to grow the fruit tree in colder areas. In the video I…

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