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Source: Youtube Hello!! In todays video I go over all the mistakes I made last year in my vegetable garden so that you don’t have to make them this year. There are some tricks to getting the highest vegetable yield in a small space so if you’re in the same boat as me, stick around! I also go over how I am laying out my vegetable garden this year, taking into account all those previous mistakes. I hope you enjoy this and get something out of it! Last Years Gardening…

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Vegetable Garden Update: Week 2, Windy Weed Control

Source: Youtube This week’s garden update shows you what can happen in a few days in terms of weed explosion. Weed seeds that were buried in my soil have woken up and in only a few days have taken over the garden because of the rain. Our yard was a farm field only 2 years ago so we have been having to battle some serious weeds. Check out the progress of my vegetable seedlings and how I organically removed the seeds, which I’ll admit, was back breaking (but I have…

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