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Tetyana Shmaglyuchenko 5 life hacks for growing table grapes

Source: Youtube Creating a video about a Success Story: Tetyana Shmahliuchenko is a Co-founder and Managing Director of “VINS” LLC. Growing grapes is a non-ecofriendly industry. Grapes remain very attractive for many pests and fungal diseases like odium and mildew. But t is possible to grow crops without damaging to the environment. Co-founder and Managing Director of “VINS” LLC Divaki production, 2019 #Ukraine #grape

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GARDEN “LIFE HACK”| Desert Vegetable Garden Growth Update|VLog #69

Source: Youtube Trying out a Gardening “Life Hack” in today’s VLog. Our Green beans have been taking longer than usual to pop out of the ground due to the colder weather we have been having. Trying out this trick to get them to pop faster! We’ll update in a week to show ya if it worked! But in the meantime, what do you think it will be? A WIN or a FAIL? We also give you a look around the garden today to see how things are growing. Hope you…

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