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Transplanting Onions and Leeks from Dixondale Farms Vegetable Gardening

Source: Youtube #Gardening #GrowingFlowers #CutFlowerFarm For whatever reason, this video has been demonetized for inappropriate content. If you want to support the channel, please consider trying our handmade soaps. Thank you. OTHER POPULAR UPLOADS – PROPAGATING HYDRANGEAS GROWING ZINNIAS FROM SEED THE MICRO-FARMER’S YEAR I’m not an expert, I’m just some person with a garden. Thanks for visiting the Freshcutky organic gardening channel. This channel focuses on my journey, as I work to build my own cut flower farm. In the garden, I will answer some of the most common…

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Michigan Garden Moment – How Long are seeds good for?

Source: Youtube The Michigan Garden Moment is a two minute gardening advise segment. Each week host Joey Baird of The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener radio show share with you information to help your garden grow better. This week the question is how longs are your seeds really good for? The Radios how is heard on WAAM 1600 AM Ann Arbor, MI Sundays 7-8AM est listen here during show hours for your station: WAAM Thank you for listening and downloading the show. keep up to date with shows here The Michigan Garden…

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