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Source: Youtube Started growing vegetables scraps last 29April. Placed Kangkong, Saluyot, Basil and Alugbati stalks in water until roots show (change water everyday). Replanted in soil once roots appeared. Also sliced cherry tomatoes and red chili or labuyo and placed it on the soil. Took old onions and placed it on the soil as well 🙂 Water Kangkong everyday. Keep the seedlings moist. Prune the leaves so it will grow. Talk and sing to your plant. Pray for them. 🙂

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My Mini Vegetable Garden Versus COVID-19

Source: Youtube We are in a middle of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of worrying, let’s do something worthwhile as we have no control over this unfortunate event. In this video, I will show you my pot gardening project which I did 4 days ago from filming. I planted some vegetables which are readily available in the community. I am so happy that I did this because it somehow diverted my attention. Something that is productive despite the lock-down. It makes me smile each day seeing more leaves…

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