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Garden Morning Walk-Planting Vegetables Projects Health Birds Nature Gnomes

Source: Youtube Early Morning walk in the Vegetable garden talking about woodchips, container gardening, life, plants, birds, hummingbirds, lizards, ponds, thrift stores, bananas and the joy of gardening. This is for those that keep requesting a long Garden Video, here it is, enjoy and Thank you.

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How to Get FREE Compost For Your Garden

Source: Youtube Compost Program for the City of Tempe: FREE Compost Noble Gills Foliar Feed — Soil Recipe Card — AZOMITE / Rock Dust Minerals — Mycorrhizae / Beneficial Fungi — 100% All Natural Vegetable Organic Fertilizer —- Seeds — Compost, Worm Castings, Coconut Coir are found at your local nursery. All other gardening products are found — JOIN THIS AMAZING SEED PROGRAM HERE: Gardening STORE Here: We are a monthly subscription program for the urban gardener. We send out amazing boxes of organic, non-gmo and sometime rare seeds for…

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