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Vegetable Garden TOUR! Our Backyard Container Garden In New York | Lucie Fink

Source: Youtube STARTING AN AT-HOME VEGETABLE GARDEN | CONTAINER GARDEN TOUR! Thank you to Fabletics for sponsoring today’s video! Head to and become a VIP to get any 2 bottoms (leggings, shorts, joggers, etc.) for $24 now! HERE’S A PLANTER BOX OPTION: Over the past few months, I’ve been going back and forth between my parents’ home (my childhood house) and Michael’s parents’ home. Whenever I would come to my parents’ house, I found myself BEGGING my mom to start a garden. I was itching to grow my own food…

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5 Best Vegetables for Your Edible Container Garden

Source: Youtube In today’s episode we look at the five best vegetables you can grow in your vegetable container garden or edible container garden. By growing these vegetables you can easily get great quality produce from a very small space. Here are the top 5 vegetables to grow in containers or pots: 1. Tomatoes – Tomatoes are great to grow inc containers. Choose determinate tomato varieties for container gardens. 2. Garlic – One of the easiest vegetables to grow in containers or pots is garlic 3. Carrots – Carrots grow…

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