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Why I Put Hoop-Houses Over My Root Vegetables in Late Fall

Source: Youtube I grow a lot of root vegetables because they are low maintenance during the growing season, and easy to store during the winter – but it can be a big chore getting them all out of the ground. One way that I make that chore a little more manageable is by using hoop-houses to keep the soil thawed in the beds where they are growing. By doing this, I postpone the freezing of the soil, and I gain a few more weeks to complete the harvest. If you…

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Winter Gardening | Year Round Vegetable Gardener Book Review

Source: Youtube Winter Gardening | Year Round Vegetable Gardener Book Review. Nikki Jabbour wrote a fantastic book that has become a useful reference in my library. You can find her book here: Check out our post that has some winter gardening tips and a further review of Nikki’s book: Nikki Jabbour is definitely an expert in winter gardening. She hails from Nova Scotia, Canada which if you are under a rock, has some brutal winter weather. Winter gardening is really about going with the flow of mother nature. You will…

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Source: Youtube Here’s a DIY method for creating a hoop house over a raised garden bed. I use this method to extend my growing season here in central Texas by protecting my veggies on the coldest nights. I’ll demonstrate how to build a simple hoop house that row cover or frost cloth can be secured to. This traps ground heat and protects plants by up to seven degrees. Check out some of the tools, tips and elements that are needed to for this project. Don’t miss the official garden inspection…

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