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Balcony Gardening: Growing My Own Vegetables In My Apartment Patio! | Jolene Foliage

Source: Youtube I started growing vegetables in my small apartment patio a little while ago, and I have found joy and peace growing my edible container garden. As a city dweller, my craving for nature has always been tremendous. I’m constantly trying to reconcile and combine the two in a harmonious coexistence by bringing nature home to my sunny balcony. However, my balcony was never the sanctuary I wish it could have been. I decorated with rugs, with furniture, with trees, with grass but there was always something missing. Until…

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Source: Youtube Hello!! In todays video I go over all the mistakes I made last year in my vegetable garden so that you don’t have to make them this year. There are some tricks to getting the highest vegetable yield in a small space so if you’re in the same boat as me, stick around! I also go over how I am laying out my vegetable garden this year, taking into account all those previous mistakes. I hope you enjoy this and get something out of it! Last Years Gardening…

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STARTING MY VEGETABLE GARDEN| shop with me| gardening| HOME DEPOT | haul| day in my life

Source: Youtube WELCOME TO PRISSY’S WORLD MEET & GREET: SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE! MAMA BRI & PRISSY P VLOG CHANNEL: 🛎 🛎☟⬇︎Epic Empire Channel Links ⬇︎☟ 🛎 PR GANG: Check out T & Lee TV Kee Kam & The Fam Tray & Nee Nee AyooTrav Like my Facebook page: Follow on IG & Snapchat @loveprissyp & @prissy_cosmetics Twitter: @loveprissyp !!!! Q & A !!!! Camera used: Editing software: iMovie Located: Raleigh, NC ——————————————— Business Email: ——————————————————————- About me! It’s Prissy P ( Prissy gang) you will see a lot of…

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