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Grape price drop declaration a ‘stunt’ to pull market down

Source: Youtube Friday, 13 December 2019 Grape price drop declaration a ‘stunt’ to pull market down | Sky Australia Sports Hail, heat, high water prices and now, Australia's largest wine grape growing region faces another challenge in the lead up to the 2020 vintage. #Sky_Australia_Sports

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Best Shade Cloth to Reduce Temperature of Plants for Your Vegetable Garden

Source: Youtube John from shares with you the best shade cloth he has found that will reflect the suns rays to keep your plants cooler and provide some shade for your garden in the intense desert sun. In this episode, you will learn about reflective shade cloth aka aluminet shade cloth and how it may help your plants to photosynthesis more if you are growing plants in the desert. You will discover why your plants might shut down during the middle of the day if you are growing vegetables in…

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