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Gardening, harvested fruit and vegetable seeds – Part 1

Source: Youtube A 6 month RESEARCH project on gardening, to grow vegetable and fruit by harvesting seed from everyday grocery – month 1

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11 vegetables and herbs You Can Buy Once and Regrow Forever – Gardening Tips

Source: Youtube Growing vegetables and herbs from seeds is cool, but growing them from kitchen scraps is totally good ideas. Regrow your basil stems, Regrow Sweet Potatoes, Regrow Ginger, Regrow Carrots, Regrow Green Onions, Regrow Celery, Regrow Leeks, Regrow Bok Choy, Regrow a Garlic Bulb, Regrow Basil, Regrow Lemongrass, and Regrow Mint will save you money and you can do it indoors. Just make sure you use fresh scraps and remember to pay attention to your plant, making sure it has the water and light it needs. This is 11…

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