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What Are The Main Grape Varieties In Burgundy? | The Burgundy Explorer Series | #8

Source: Youtube You will have learnt in The Essentials Series that there are a huge variety of grapes grown all over the world and how certain growing conditions are more suited to one grape than another. In this episode, discover the main grape varieties found in Burgundy and why the terroir is well suited to them. Also understand how growing conditions can affect the unique expression of a grape; making Burgundy wines both complex and incredibly diverse. Watch the entire series here: ELICITE The new fine wine experience. Subscribe: Follow:

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The Arkansas Association of Grape Growers

Source: Youtube The Arkansas Association of Grape Growers is a non-profit agricultural organization “dedicated to unite and educate growers; assist with research; promote and protect the art, science, and commerce of viticulture in Arkansas.” We spoke to member Renee Threlfall, a University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture scientist specializing in grape growing and winemaking, and John and Paul Post of Post Winery about the group and why it’s important to the industry in Arkansas.

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Black grapes seedling n growing by SG dhan kamaiye

Source: Youtube Black grapes, Kala angoor (Grafted)Grapes plant is a fruit plant, which is known as Angoor Scientific name of this plant is Vitis Vinifera and it is a juicy plant, which are green, purple or blackin color. Grapes are used as sweet fruit and for making jam, jelly, wine, vinegar and so more. Hi all friends my youtube channel sadhna terrace garden and home change by sg dhan kamaiye if subscribe my channel you made karorpati Kya aap dhan kamana chahte hain to aa jaiye mere saath Thanks for watching my video As u like my video…

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How to grow grapes in a small space. Use a wigwam!

Source: Youtube How to grow grapes in the UK. Grape growing. Growing grapes in a cold climate. Small space gardening. How to grow grapevines in a small space. Growing grapes in England. How to grow grapes at home. How to grow fruit in a small space. Growing your own food. How to grow your own food. How to grow grapes vertically. Growing fruit when you have little space. How to grow wine grapes in a small space. How to grow dessert grapes in a small space. Food production. Crops to…

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Grape Grower Spotlight: Three Branches Vineyard

Source: Youtube Fisher King Winery Spotlights: Three Branches Vineyard – A supplier to the winery of locally grown Wisconsin grapes. Last year more than 60% of the winery’s production was from grapes grown right here in Wisconsin by local growers. The only wine grapes that we can grow in the Badger State are the cold-hearty hybrids – grapes that contain the winter survivable genes from wild grapes crossed with a wide variety of different wine grapes. The wines made from these grapes produce absolutely drinkable, balanced, declicious wines that represent…

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