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മുന്തിരി ചെടി നടീല്‍ വീഡിയോ ഭാഗം 5 – video about grapes growing kerala part 5

Source: Youtube we have started a video series about growing #grapes at kerala, our previous 4 parts briefly described various stages. seedlings planted, fertilizers used, watering etc. i have removed all the unhealthy branches from plant and keeping only one. removed all sub branches, planned to prepare a trellis at terrace #gardening. within 3-4 months it’s reached the destination and i have prepared a trellis. removed it’s top portion and waiting more more branches from this. i am expecting the output within 10 months. we can use any organic fertilizers…

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Grape Growing Science & Technology 

Black grapes seedling n growing by SG dhan kamaiye

Source: Youtube Black grapes, Kala angoor (Grafted)Grapes plant is a fruit plant, which is known as Angoor Scientific name of this plant is Vitis Vinifera and it is a juicy plant, which are green, purple or blackin color. Grapes are used as sweet fruit and for making jam, jelly, wine, vinegar and so more. Hi all friends my youtube channel sadhna terrace garden and home change by sg dhan kamaiye if subscribe my channel you made karorpati Kya aap dhan kamana chahte hain to aa jaiye mere saath Thanks for watching my video As u like my video…

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Grape Growing People & Blogs 

Method of Grape Cultivation on Roof in Bangla

Source: Youtube Method of Grape Cultivation on Roof in Bangla, Best Bangla Tips here how to cultivate grapes, Grape cultivation on tub, processes of grape cultivation, system of grape cultivation, Grapes Planting, grapes Growing, grape farming information, grapes cultivation methods, Harvesting Grape, grape care, grape production, grape cultivation, grape tree, growing grapes, grape plant, grapevine plant, grape farm, how to grow grapes from seeds, how to grow grape vines, growing grapes for wine, growing grapes at home, grapefruit, grape vine fertilizer, best fertilizer for grapes, grapes plantation, soil for grapes,…

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