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Grape Farming | Success story of Growing Grapes in Punjab | انگور کی کاشت کی مکمل تفصیل

Source: Youtube Muhammad Boota, a farmer from Pind Mela, Sargodha, growing grapes in punjab. After doing research on grapes farming, he accepted it as a challenge to grow grapes in his land. He grow 2 types of grapes, narc black and kings ruby. He spent a lot of time and money on this farming, at last he got success. He is an example for others farmer and set a path for new comers. Watch the video for full detail about grape growing expenses, grape income, best season for grape plantation,…

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How to grow grape (angoor) from cutting

Source: Youtube How to grow grape from cutting How to grow angoor How to grow grape in Urdu in Hindi Garden master how to grow

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