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Planting Vegetables Urban Garden | Garden With Me in Late Spring Vlog #2 | Delightful Souvenirs

Source: Youtube Gardening is a source of great joy and contentment for me. It is now late spring so it’s time to put the vegetable garden together. We have been through a lot this year, haven’t we? Despite that, the earth seemed to have a good rest during the winter and it’s now energized to support all the vegetation. The flowers this year are doing better than ever. Although I initially planned on not planting a vegetable garden this year, circumstances allowed me to put together a small garden anyway.…

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MY FIRST VEGGIE GARDEN | Starting a vegetable garden from seeds & making our new raised garden bed!

Source: Youtube Watch my first veggie garden ever start from seed, sprout and then be transferred to our new raised garden bed! I can’t wait to watch them grow even more! I upload new Vlogs and lifestyle videos every Wednesday so don’t forget to click subscribe! Come say hello over on the gram! Thanks so much & See you next Wednesday! Elena

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Planting Our Vegetable Garden!

Source: Youtube Today we set up the raised beds I got for mothers day! (best gift ever!) and plant some veggies in them. Follow us to the garden centre to do a little spring garden shopping, before we get some veggies in our new beds! I’m going to start weekly garden tours next week. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to follow along on instgram for more! @agirlnamedhunter

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