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My Vegetable Garden Tour 2020. Lots of Vegetables🍆, Fruit🍓, Herbs🌿, and Composting!

Source: Youtube I enjoy gardening as much as my houseplants. This year, I finally extended my garden bed to a U-shaped garden bed. I grow a lot of vegetables, fruit and herbs. So far, I have 20 tomato plants, 16 pepper plants, 4 bittermelon plants, 3 cucumber plants, 5 types of beans, 3 winter melon plants, 1 fuzzy melon, 3 luffas, 50 carrots, 3 strawberries, and a lot of beats, basil, lettuce, and kale! In addition, I started composting this year! I have so much fun gardening this year! Garden…

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SMALL VEGETABLE GARDEN TOUR OF 2020 – An Unique Square Foot Gardening Layout For Raised garden Beds

Source: Youtube Here it is my small vegetable garden tour of 2020! In this video I will show you how my unique small kitchen garden layout designed with the square foot gardening method turned out. More content that you might like! 📽 SMALL VEGETABLE GARDEN – My FIRST Kitchen Garden Done With The Square Foot Method 📽 How To Grow Tomatoes In A Raised Bed 📽 Beautiful SMALL VEGETABLE GARDEN Transformation (Time Lapse) 20 Working Hours In 4 Minutes 📽 THE BEST Square Foot Garden PLAN – NEW & IMPROVED…

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