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How To Grow Sweet Potato Slips | Grow Your Own Food | Vegetable Gardening 2020 | Black Girl Garden

Source: Youtube Please excuse my forever dirty finger nails as I detail, how to grow sweet potato slips. It’s important to note, sweet potatoes will not grow the same way regular potatoes grow. Simply burying a sweet potato will only produce beautiful leaves. Instead you’ll need to grow the sweet potatoes by the slips. You’ll need to a cup or container to host the sweet potato, some water and an organic sweet potato. One potato will produce many slips. Keep in mind, the roots and slips grow at a very…

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Vegetable Garden Update: Week 2, Windy Weed Control

Source: Youtube This week’s garden update shows you what can happen in a few days in terms of weed explosion. Weed seeds that were buried in my soil have woken up and in only a few days have taken over the garden because of the rain. Our yard was a farm field only 2 years ago so we have been having to battle some serious weeds. Check out the progress of my vegetable seedlings and how I organically removed the seeds, which I’ll admit, was back breaking (but I have…

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