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An Urban Gardener’s Five Steps to Start a Vegetable Garden at Home

Source: Youtube There are a lot of benefits to having a vegetable garden at home, like fresh food at an affordable price. But how do you get started if you have no gardening experience? Urban gardener Robbin Clemmons offers five basic steps for how to start a vegetable garden at home without spending a lot of money up front. Clemmons is a volunteer Gardener in Residence at the non-profit Daystar Life Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. The center is located in a food desert where people lack access to affordable…

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Grow at home healthy food | gardening as hobby | Vegetable garden at home | organic farming

Source: Youtube starting vegetable garden directly at home is not easy but to avoid chemical full food we have to get our hands dirty. OUR CHILD DESERVES BETTER. I started my garden and grown Fenugreek ( Methi ), Coriander (not so sucessful), cabbage, mint and 12 types of flowers along with tomato which is growing well. Started composting , made some mistakes but important part is able to correct and learnt a lot. when you grow seeds and see seedlings the feeling is so refreshing and satisfying. Still lot of…

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