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Land Of The Giants ? Malvern National Giant Vegetable Championships ? Long Beetroot & Show Carrots

Source: Youtube 24th September and 4 days to the Malvern Show. Its the long roots turn for the reveal, Carrot, Parsnips and Beetroot, followed by my show carrots for my entry to the Harvest Pavilion. As always a few surprises. Central News may be doing a live interview with me over the Malvern weekend and I am taking part in Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped. Join me and others on the Facebook Group keep Calm and make Compost. ♻️Happy Gardening to all my viewers and subscribers ? Terry King ?

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Razzmatazz Grape & JUJUBE Update: Future Plans

Source: Youtube The Razzmatazz is proving to be unreliable and perhaps too late to ripen here. Sad to see, but the glimmer of hope may be in other muscadines. I’ve been reading reports of the varieties called Truimph and Lane surviving -10F. That’s more than I need to have them thrive here and would be a great addition or alternative to European Grapes that get attacked by disease every year. The Jujubes are finally setting fruit and it’ll probably be another 1-2 months before we get ripe fruits. Very excited…

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