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Vegetable seeds to grow in October

Source: Youtube Seeds to sow in October. Vegetables to grow in October. Gardening. UK gardening. How to gardening. UK grow your own. What to sow in Autumn (Fall). Vegetable garden. What seeds can I sow in October. Autumn gardening. Growing produce in Autumn. Growing produce in Winter. Seeds to sow in Autumn (Fall). How to grow vegetables in containers. How to grow food in containers. Growing food in pots. Container food growing. What seeds can I saw for Winter. Growing your own food in Winter. How to grow your own…

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Raised Bed Garden Update | Fall Raised Bed Gardening

Source: Youtube Raised bed garden update on our fall raised bed gardening efforts here on the homestead. Our cool weather crops are doing well, along with some of our other fall vegetable garden plants that will finish up before our first / last expected frost date. We prefer our fall plants in the raised beds or a container where we we can control the soil amendments better. We use a lot of bone meal / Phosphorus in the fall because it serves as a natural or organic anti-freeze in the…

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