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Source: Youtube REMOVING OKRA STALKS FROM YOUR VEGETABLE GARDEN #OKRA #OKRASTALKS #VEGETABLEGARDEN 3GARDEN This is my first year growing food for myself and Family Enjoy the video check out the links below Gardening Books Learn all the secrets of Growing Tomatoes, Growing Potatoes, Companion Planting and Natural Pest Control. Our highly popular book series have been sold to thousands and thousands of enthusiast vegetable gardeners in 88 countries, and featured on TV and in leading gardening magazines worldwide. Dan’s Organic Food Forest Public Figure Dan’s Organics Food 🥘 Forest 🌳…

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Gardening Seed Tips Collecting / Protecting Seeds to Plants, Grow and Save

Source: Youtube Easy Method to protect and collect seeds in the Vegetable Garden and Lazy ways to plant eggplants and the same for tomatoes! This method Works great for me!

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