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Creating A New Vegetable Garden

Source: Youtube Vegetable gardening for beginners – Making a new vegetable garden for one of our viewers who asked for some help creating a new vegetable bed so we showed him how to start a vegetable garden. He’s totally new to growing vegetables so i built a new raised bed for a beginner gardening and was inspired by our videos. It’s really important for everyone to have contact with growing food so they are no longer disconnected with the food growing process. Starting a new vegetable garden need not be…

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Backyard Vegetable Gardening

Source: Youtube Christine Dye has been an avid backyard food grower for many years and shares how to grow regeneratively and intensively in a small backyard space. Companion planting, watering, soil building, and season extension topics covered.

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Grape Growing Howto & Style 

How to grow grapes in a small space. Use a wigwam!

Source: Youtube How to grow grapes in the UK. Grape growing. Growing grapes in a cold climate. Small space gardening. How to grow grapevines in a small space. Growing grapes in England. How to grow grapes at home. How to grow fruit in a small space. Growing your own food. How to grow your own food. How to grow grapes vertically. Growing fruit when you have little space. How to grow wine grapes in a small space. How to grow dessert grapes in a small space. Food production. Crops to…

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10 Ways to Make your Vegetable Garden More Productive in 2017…and Beyond!

Source: Youtube Our awesome sponsor: – This video is packed with 10 ways for you to have a more productive vegetable garden not only in 2017 but beyond. I hope that this video will arm you with more ideas to help increase productivity so you can grow more fruit and vegetables at home and save money. Here are the timestamps: 1) Building soil over winter 0:59 2) Crack down on the enemy 2:07 3) Succession planting plan 3:13 4) Vertical 4:15 5) Undercover growing 5:03 6) Interplanting 5:50 7) Pushing…

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