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Starting a Garden: Turning Our LAWN Into a Vegetable Garden! Episode #1

Source: Youtube If you are curious about how to start a garden or how to turn your lawn into a vegetable garden, you have come to the right place! This is episode 1 of our series all about starting a garden. We are converting our lawn to garden this year using leaves, compost, a tiller, and time. We are definitely beginners, as this will be our first ever attempt at vegetable gardening. We are so excited to get our hands in the dirt and start growing our own food using…

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My First Vegetable Garden

Source: Youtube || SUBSCRIBE || LIKE || COMMENT || SHARE || THANKS FOR WATCHING || Hi, I’m Lisa Marie! In this video, My First Vegetable Garden, I show you how my garden is doing so far. I am only about two weeks into gardening. By trying new things, we can challenge ourselves to live our best lives! I make videos on living my best life and helping others to live theirs. Check out my other Best Life videos by listening to this playlist: Watch my Quarantine Patio Clean video: **If…

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