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The PRISON Vegetable Garden Howto & Style Vegetable Gardening 

The PRISON Vegetable Garden

Source: Youtube Years ago I heard rumors that the Isle of Man’s prison had their own vegetable gardens. The fact that they swept up many of the awards at a local horticultural show was proof. After years of curiosity, I finally see first hand how fresh fruit and vegetables are grown within the grounds of Jurby Prison. I also find out that the initiative is so successful that they’ve stopped buying in fresh veg at the prison this summer. This is probably the most unique garden tour I’ve ever been…

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Secret Garden Tour: the Hidden Gardens of Castletown Howto & Style Vegetable Gardening 

Secret Garden Tour: the Hidden Gardens of Castletown

Source: Youtube Periodically, gardening enthusiasts from the ancient capital of Mann open their gardens for public viewing. It’s an opportunity to get a glimpse into some rather unique vegetable and leisure gardens. Many hidden away by tall stone walls, this video takes you along with me on my tour of the Hidden Gardens of Castletown. In this video: ✽ Vegetable gardens built on the beach ✽ awalled garden more than 500 years old ✽ Several handmade greenhouses and what’s growing inside ✽ Tiny garden ideas ✽ Container garden ideas ✽…

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Vegetable Garden Beds ~ Vita ~ Veggies! 🥕 Howto & Style Vegetable Gardening 

Vegetable Garden Beds ~ Vita ~ Veggies! 🥕

Source: Youtube The world needs more vegetables! Finally! The vegetable garden is in! So excited. In this video I will show you the location and the set up of the raised vegetable garden beds. Here are some useful links: – Raised Beds – Soil – Mulch between beds – Soil calculator Next step is to get veggies!

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