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Growing My Low GI Index Vegetable Garden | Seed Starts

Source: Youtube In growing my low gi index vegetable garden I’m just beginning my seed starts. Choosing vegetables that are great for diabetics takes some planning and research. Replacing higher starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn or peas with more high fibre veggies like sweet potato, broccoli and cabbage will help to keep you feeling fuller longer and provide a steady release of sugars that won’t raise blood sugars dramatically or fast. A low GI diet gives me the opportunity to be more selective of the vegetables that I will be…

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Canning Vegetable Soup | Recipe Pt 2 | Garden To Table

Source: Youtube Canning vegetable soup in Pt 2 of our garden to table recipe. This is the final product as we show our vegetable soup before and after it has been through the pressure canner. We’ll show you how to can vegetable soup like we do here on the homestead. Homesteading and canning, as well as gardening, go hand in hand. This is how we preserve the food we harvest from the row and raised bed garden, and store it for use later. Fresh vegetables, being low acid, need to…

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