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Grapes cultivation

Source: Youtube Grape is an important commercial fruit crop of south India. Grape growing has been regarded as most remunerative enterprise.In North India particularly, Punjab its cultivation is being taken in a big way. Due to heavy initial investment on erecting the system of training and occurrence of rains at the ripening time of grapes, the area under grapes may not increase further. In Madhurai area through staggered pruning fruit is taken throughout the year. Origin:Vitis vinifera is the most important species grown in India. Grapes originated in Armenia near…

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Growing grapes on Italian soil | Stock footage

Source: Youtube ► Buy license for this Video Here: Grape cultivation in March and April in the Vittorio Veneto area, in Italy.

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How To Grow Grape From Cutting In India With Updates।। तड़प उठेंगे अंगूर की खेती करने के लिए।।

Source: Youtube How to grow grape vine from cutting. Growing Grape vine From Cutting is Too Much Easy. Here is step by step easy process to grow grape vine from cutting with proper updates- * Take some old Branches of grape vine ,having at least 2-3 Nodes. * Take Good quality of garden soil having proper drainage to plant grape cutting. * Use a Pot of 15-20 inches depth and width. * Simply plant these cuttings 2-3 inches deep in soil. * Apply Clay at open end of cuttings to…

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