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Bangladeshi Vegetable Garden 2020

Source: Youtube Hope you enjoy part 3! Like, comment and subscribe! #Bangladesh #Garden _____________________________________________________ Bangladeshi Garden 2020 Part 3 Shoker Bagan 2020 Vegetable Gardening Bangladeshi Garden UK 2020

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Gardening – various vegetables ? ? ? Pumpkin Tomato Potato Coriander and Bangladeshi Vegetables

Source: Youtube So I started gardening with my son back in 2017 on my own for the first time as my mum was abroad. I tried quite a few different vegetables and did quite well but learnt that it’s not easy and gardening takes a lot of time and dedication.

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Beautiful Burmese Grape Orchard

Source: Youtube Baccaurea ramiflora, the Burmese grape, is a slow growing evergreen tree in the Phyllanthaceae family, growing to 25 m, with a spreading crown and thin bark. It is found throughout Asia, most commonly cultivated in India, Bangladesh and Malaysia. It grows in evergreen forests on a wide range of soils. The fruit is harvested and used locally, eaten as a fruit, stewed or made into wine; it is also used medicinally to treat skin diseases. The bark, roots and wood are harvested for medicinal uses. The fruit is…

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