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Small Space Vegetable, Herb and Butterfly Gardening – Vargas Landscaping Presents

Source: Youtube Ismael explains how he plants his vegetable garden in a small space. You can combine corn, beans and lettuce to collect nitrogen naturally in containers. To save space, he shows how to combine other vegetables together with herbs scattered about as well as butterfly bushes.You can have a vegetable garden that could look beautiful with herbs, fruit trees and ornamental trees to beautify your site. See you next time! Please comment below if you have any questions about this video. Thanks and see you next time! _________________________ Materials…

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Budget Garden Makeover |S1 E5| BUILDING A PATH IN THE GARDEN

Source: Youtube The Budget Garden makeover is in full swing and this week we are starting to build the easy diy path in our newest vegetable gardening bed. We started by clearing the land of all debris and carving a path in garden. Then we laid cardboard down to suppress weeds and next we need to make stepping stones and lay mulch as well as outlining the vegetable gardening beds. This is our big project for the year in our backyard garden makeover and we want to keep it as…

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