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Fall Vegetable Garden Planting

Source: Youtube In this video we show what we seeds are planting in our fall garden. We also show the new seed starting trays we got from Hoss tools and how stout they are. Fall vegetable gardens are so important here on our homestead for us to be able to live off of what we grow all year. We still have some other seeds to plant but we are going to plant them directly in the ground. Seed trays are from Hoss Tools seeds Baker creek seeds —– Click on…

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Grape Growing Nonprofits & Activism 

The Arkansas Association of Grape Growers

Source: Youtube The Arkansas Association of Grape Growers is a non-profit agricultural organization “dedicated to unite and educate growers; assist with research; promote and protect the art, science, and commerce of viticulture in Arkansas.” We spoke to member Renee Threlfall, a University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture scientist specializing in grape growing and winemaking, and John and Paul Post of Post Winery about the group and why it’s important to the industry in Arkansas.

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