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Summer Leafy Greens for Florida Vegetable Garden (including permaculture perennial vegetables)

Source: Youtube Don’t be fooled into thinking you can only grow leafy greens over the winter in your Florida vegetable garden. You absolutely can grow leafy greens in your summer vegetable garden. In this video, Elise Pickett of The Urban Harvest, will go over 10 different greens to plant in your summer vegetable garden. Some of the varieties mentioned in this video are well known annuals like swiss chard but several are permaculture perennial leafy greens are included as well for year round production. _______________ 📚 Recommended Reading List 📚…

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7 Edible Weeds That Are More Nutritious Than Vegetables – Gardening Tips

Source: Youtube When we buy and plant packets of common flower, vegetable, or herb seeds, we spend a lot of energy, time, and water in our efforts to get those seeds to germinate and grow, and take pride in our homegrown food supply. When a plant that we identify as being a weed is found growing in our lawn or garden, out comes the hoe and trowel. And it’s too bad, as many of the common garden weeds are not only edible and nutritious, but can be a great homegrown…

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