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South Florida Winters: Peak VEGGIE GROWING SEASON, perfect for TINY HOUSE work | Gardening Vlog

Source: Youtube We’re in the peak growing season for vegetable gardening in South Florida (Zone 10b). Though the sun sets earlier these days, the lower temperatures allow our garden to thrive. We’re harvesting beans, lettuce & dark greens, tomatoes, squash and much more regularly. The cooler days also make construction on the tiny house a lot more bearable! Hello from Eric, Brie, Mara the cat and Matilda the tortoise! We are a simple family who grew up and live in the heart of an urban, concrete jungle, better known as…

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Full Raised Bed Garden Tour | Home Vegetable Gardening Tips And Ideas

Source: Youtube Our home vegetable gardening tips and ideas along with a full raised bed garden tour. Let’s talk about some vegetable gardening tips and tricks for beginners and pros alike, a little vegetable gardening 101 while we take a full garden tour. Planting is going well in the raised beds and everything is growing well in our super soil raised bed garden soil mix. We have already done some harvesting. Gardening skills and knowledge are far more valuable than any cheat or hack. We will show you how to…

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