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S2E14 The $2.5 million Garden TWVG radio show Howto & Style Vegetable Gardening 

S2E14 The $2.5 million Garden TWVG radio show

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Replay Segment 2 of The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Radio Show from 6-2-18 on 860AM WNOV and W293cx 106.5 FM Milwaukee WI,
listen here during show hours Saturdays 9-10 am CST
Topics: Joey and Holly talk about the $2.5 million dollar garden,
The 2.5 million dollar garden
– White house garden
– Brought back by Michelle Obama after several decades
– Mimic backyard garden
– 1100 sq ft – add 1700 sq ft = 2800 sq ft
– Burpee seed company gave 2.5 million dollar donation to upkeep garden to 2036 – for the public to benefit from
– Supposed to be inspirational
– Feeds white house staff
– Green cement vs wood chips
– Steel vs cedar
– Could make it cheaper – too much extra

Jill McSheehy is a stay at home Mom with a blog, podcast, and an online gardening course that she has developed herself to help beginning gardeners find their way.
1.You began this journey in 2013 – what inspired your journey and your very first garden?
2.What were the expectations once you got started? Did you think you were going to be a successful gardener right away?
3.What are some of the first resources you used when you first started gardening?
4.What is one or two mistakes you made that you now look back on and they seem you should’ve known better?
5.Why did you choose to grow in raised beds and not just tn the ground?
6.How can people find out more about you?
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