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Canning Vegetable Soup | Recipe | Garden To Table

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Canning vegetable soup is an end of the summer garden tradition here on the homestead. Canning this vegetable soup represents the final transition fro vegetable garden to dinner table. Since this is a low acid vegetable soup, it must be pressure canned. It is made from fresh and frozen vegetables from the row and raised bed gardens. It all begins with a love of gardening, and ends in hot healthy meals for our family. We do not show the canning process in this video, so please know that the soup needs to be processed according to the longest processing time of the included ingredients. There is also no recipe. The recipes vary from year to year according to our harvest. Harvesting our main garden at the end of summer, or the end of the summer gardening season. This is a simple no recipe soup your whole family can enjoy. Other than a couple ingredients it did not require anyway, this soup is made entirely from vegetables from our garden. We will likely be up all night canning.

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